Emma Downtown is exactly the kind of small business, family shop that we love to work with! They have been open in Albany, OR since March 2000 and the original mom and daughter partnership now includes two granddaughters. You can find more information and follow Emma Downtown’s beautiful blog at http://emmadowntownalbany.blogspot.com/!

When were you founded?

We are a mom and daughter partnership and opened our business together in March 2000 to do what we love – and to create some flexibility for our family. We started the shop built on a young girls dreams to fill a store with amazing clothes, whimsical things, and add beauty to fill our homes.

Now, 17 years later we are still mom and daughter partners but we’ve added two granddaughters – Isabella (13) and Meritt (10)! Our shop was named after our sweet little pug dog Emma who passed away at the age of 16.5 last year. I have the best job in the whole world – being a mom to the two most amazing girls, and running a business with the best mom in the world. We are BLESSED!

How do you pick your products?

We choose only products that we love … products we would want to use, or wear, it’s that simple. If you love it, you can sell it, which is why I would describe our customers as the very best, most loyal customers in the world. We are so grateful!

If you want to see more about the things we carry in the store, follow us on our blog at http://emmadowntownalbany.blogspot.com/

How long have you been selling Mixture®?

I believe we have been carrying Mixture about 8 years, and I think our customers would say they love Mixture for their great fragrances and beautiful containers.

We love picking out a few specific fragrances each season that go with whatever we are doing for the season. We love to mix them into our displays to add one more dimension into the experience. Scent is always a great way to do that!

Small businesses and shopping local are vital to the success of our economy and the American dream. If you are interested in shopping for Mixture products, we always recommend you look for a local store near you!

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