Mixture just released it’s Fall catalog, including a few exciting new fragrances to stir a memory, create a mood, or just relax! Check out our newest fragrances and order them hand-mixed into your favorite candles, bath & body products, or home cleaning products today!


A complex blend of herbs, spice, citrus, and Peruvian Balsam. Basil, anise, and tonka brings this rich fragrance together.

A Spice Mélange


Warm holiday fragrance with forward notes of fir needles and cedarwood, followed by vetiver, oakmoss, and tonka.

Holiday Comfort


This fragrance opens up with notes of rose, jasmine, amber, and geranium. Followed by bergamot and lemon.

Garden Delight


A harmony of strong mirabilis, ylang, velvety musk, and plum. Finishes with violet, gardenia, and fruit.

Night Flower


A blend of bergamot, cassis, and oakmoss that develops a strong green accord with rose and tonka.

Rexlaxing Grandeur


Composed of burning cedarwood and sandalwood, followed by amber, armoise, and vanilla.

A Warm Gathering


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Discontinued Fragrances

To make room for these new fragrances, we did also have to discontinue a few. If you need an order for any of these fragrances, contact us today for special ordering.

  • 10. Worn Leather
  • 25 Tuscany
  • 42. Carberry Chutney
  • 68. Sanctuary
  • 69. Mediterranean
  • 70. White Freesia & Pear
  • 72. Tuscan Noir