• Kiss Me, Love , Hugs, Be Mine & I’m Yours, they say it all! This special gift pack includes five 1.8oz bars of soap, available in Cashmere fragrance only.
  • Pick this gift set to bring the holiday spirit to your home, or as the perfect host gift! Each set comes with one mini bar soap each of Siberian Fir, Holiday Festival, and Holiday Seduction.
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    The Small Silver Metallic Candle is 27 oz and burns for approximately 110 hours. Click here to view a full list of fragrances!
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    $99.99 $49.99

    This Metal Votive Tree is the perfect large accent for any room, providing a great conversation piece and the perfect mood lighting.

    The Metal Votive Tree holds 2 oz. classic votive candles, which are sold separately.

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    Ever wanted to steep yourself in your favorite hot tea? Now you can! Relax and unwind with a calming blend of chamomile and lemongrass to ease your body and your mind. You deserve it!
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    Drop one into warm running bath water and watch it explode into pure pleasure. Lay back & soak up its magical power as it effervescently dissolves releasing shea butter, jojoba oil, therapeutic oils and Lavish fragrance. Sometimes these are best not used alone! Heaven in a Ball! 8oz. bath bomb can be used multiple times. Limited fragrances available for sale price.  Click here to view a full list of fragrances!
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    We have a ton of overstock fragranced Room Mists to keep your home smelling great! Match up these custom fragrances to your Mixture favorites:
    • Cactus is similar to Salt & Sage
    • Home Grown Cotton is Similar Egyptian Cotton
    • Walk in the Woods is similar to Siberian Fir
    • Lavender Fields is similar to Lauren’s Lavender Garden
    You deserve it!
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    $22.99 $16.99

    Mixture’s fragrances and products are as diverse as the people who enjoy them and as an LGBTQ owned business we stand with our community and our allies in support of Pride, equity, and inclusion!

    Our special edition Pride candle is the perfect balance of lime and tarragon, and comes to life with a titch of bergamot, floral, and fresh ozone.
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