New Candles from Mixture

We hand-mix 100% renewable soy candles with your favorite Mixture fragrances in small batches and hand-pour them into beautiful decorative fill containers. Check out our newest candles or Shop All Candles.

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New Mixture Man

Our Mixture Man items are made with the finest essential and fragrance oils. We use natural and botanically sourced ingredients to create the highest quality products you can feel good about using. Check our our newest products or Shop All Mixture Man.

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New Giftable Goodies

Some of our most popular products (and some new items!) neatly packaged for style and convenience. Just drop in a gift bag and be on your merry way.  Check out our newest Giftable Goodies or Shop All Giftable Goodies.

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New Home Products from Mixture

From the laundry room to the living room, no place should be without your favorite scent. Mists and diffusers deliciously fragrance areas not fit for candles, while detergents and soaps treat your home to fresh earth-friendly cleanliness. Check out our newest Home Products or Shop All Home Products.

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New Accessories from Mixture

Display options for on votive or many! Exude classic style with our simple metal holders, or add a touch of whimsy with our large votive display pieces. Check out our newest Accessories or Shop All Accessories.

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Shop Clearance for Over-fill and Discontinued Products & Fragrances

Take advantage of over-stock pricing or find some of your favorite, but no-longer-in-production, Mixture products and fragrances before they’re gone! All sales final. Shop All Clearance Products and Fragrances Now.

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Special Collections from Mixture

Whether it’s a special season or holiday, a new product line, or something as simple as going back to school, Mixture has curated some of your favorite products into these special collections.

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Mixture products are always made to order in small batches, HAND-MIXED for YOU with your favorite Mixture fragrances.


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